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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Condemnation Of An 8-Year-Old Nora Whom Did Not Choose Her Family Or Her Family's Crimes

The amount of cruelty that is in the comments section of my share of the "Hindustan Times" article re Nora (whose last name I will not use due to its despicable connotations) is unbelievable. Why should an eight-year-old child be condemned for what her father did? Also, as I said, perhaps refugees that were informants could've prevented deaths like this. How many more innocent children will have to die, especially if no refugee who has any relevant information can come forward?

For example, another eight-year-old girl may have her life in the balance but for a refugee whom could speak up for her, such as a young Yazidi girl—whom would be currently stereotyped as a Muslim and an equivalent of "Jihadi Jane"—or a Chaldean Christian man—who might be libeled as a "Palestinian" Muslim who's doing taqiyya (the Mohammedan/"Muslim" form of deception practiced by Orthodox Mohammedans/"radical Muslims", "Islamic extremists", etc.).

Perhaps even a man among the Jadid al-Islam (Mohammedan Anusim) who could be a refugee may be an informant regarding the insidiousness of Iran, and may prevent something that Iran could be planning—for example, what if the Iranians who attacked the Saudi ship may have eight-year-old girls whom they will attempt to barter as sex slaves in order for other terrorists to keep quiet? You never know what sociopathic and narcissistic terrorists plan or could plan; and we may never know if something would (God forbid) happen unless we have refugees whom are informants, will we?

The xenophobes, Muslimophobes (notice that I didn't say "Islamophobes"), and simplistic dread mongers can keep their divisive hate and intellectual dishonesty to themselves—either that, or (while they're spreading their bigotry) they can advocate kicking out people like Mosab Yousef (the "son of Hamas") and eight-year-old girls whom have been rescued from Orthodox Mohammedan traffickers, and they can also advocate doing the un-Christian and un-American thing of punishing children for the sins of their fathers.

As for me, I won't punish the eight-year-old girls whom were born of terrorists, captured by human traffickers, and otherwise forced to live hard lives because of what their fathers did—and I'll hope that more innocent refugees (like Yazidi girls whom testify before Congress) and repentant refugees (like Mosab Yousef) come forward.

Monday, January 30, 2017

"Momma" Finally Wrote And Published "Reilly Rosalita the Maltipoo"

"Momma" used Kindle Direct Publishing to publish "Reilly Rosalita the Maltipoo: A Lovable & Quite-Often-Beleaguering 'Dogter' To Her Loving-And-Beleaguered 'Momma'". The book is not exactly an in-all-of-its-glory book, especially since "Momma" had to create a manuscript to upload instead of use the option to directly create the book within the KDP module itself, which she might've been able to do prior to creating the cover. About five to seven hours later, the book was finished—and a day later, "Momma" is still recovering from those five to seven hours—and those five to seven hours left her extremely tired yesterday.

By the way, the other manuscript would've taken too long and was more intense to complete in a short amount of time.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

One Reminiscence Over Two Pictures, A French-Bulldog Video, A Laugh Because Of A Maltipoo In A Picture, And...

The story of Dixie Mirabelle Madeline Dominquie Camille Dominique (Wierzbinska Czerniecka Czarnecki)* comes to mind to tell. Like Reilly, except not like Reilly:

  1. Camille was going to be "Dixie Mirabelle"—and you can guess why that one, and any name with "Dixie" in it, was kiboshed!
  2. "Mirabelle"
  3. "Madeline"
  4. "Madeline Dominique"
  5. The dark apricot one, "Mimi" thought
  6. The black one, "Auntie Nicole" thought
  7. One of the boys in the litter
Camille Dominique ended up being a girl after all—and her human family should've known that she is the light apricot one, as she is the unique one in the pictures—and she ended up being related to Reilly!

Joyce sent "Auntie Nicole" these photos of the yet-to-be-named Camille upon "Auntie Nicole"'s request
Image may contain: 1 person
"Mimi" took the pictures of "Auntie Nicole" meeting Camille, whom came home on June 10, 2015

No automatic alt text available.
Camille developed a rapport with her human family.

Camille had been home for about a month and a half by this time.

Meanwhile, some things have yet to change—for example, Reilly and Camille still don't have Reilly's "Daddy"/Camille's "Uncle ___[?]" in the picture. Also, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has "just" Depression, ADD, &c.—as opposed to Hypothyroidism—in any case, she's not as good a "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" as she could be.

* "Mimi" is going to kill "Auntie Nicole" for this. Incidentally, Camille was captivated by an electric-violin version of "Hatikvah" on YouTube minutes ago.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Contrast Between Reilly & Camille That "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Will Never Understand

Even tonight, Reilly was very disobedient about going "peedy" before her evening nap—and now "Mom-Mom" had to take her potty for "Auntie Michelle"—and Reilly's disobedience is a frequent occurrence for "Momma" during the day, and it was similar today to how it was yesterday.

In contrast to Reilly, Camille (generally) goes "peedy" when she goes outside—whether she rings the bell on the backyard-door handle or is taken outside to "go potty" before she goes "night nights", takes a nap, etc.—she doesn't take up to at least half an hour when she goes to go potty, and she (generally) finds her "potty spot" within seconds to a minute or two minutes. She also does not get distracted and tries to stay within the radius that "Auntie Nicole" gives her—unlike Reilly, whom tries to go to "Mom-Mom"'s garden, near the holly bushes, etc. even when "Momma" gives her leeway with the extendable leash to find a "potty" spot closer to the backyard fence.

At least Reilly goes into her crate (for the most part) when she's supposed to do so—unlike Camille, except for when "Auntie Nicole" goes on walks, and "Auntie Nicole" has given up on trying to get Camille in her crate (for the most part). Even "Mimi" and "Mom-Mom" have a hard time getting Camille in her crate when she's supposed to be in her crate—not to mention that Camille tries to pull stunts in trying to get food when, for example, "Auntie Nicole" is eating her lunch and can't help but laugh as Camille tilts her head to her right side and persistently and beggingly looks at her to try to get some of her food.

At least Camille does eventually try to hang out by "Auntie Nicole" and Reilly during their afternoon nap (Incidentally, for "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" to have hypothyroidism—of which she has a family history—would be great in a way, as that would explain a lot about—for example—her Depression flareups—meanwhile, let's see if Camille obeys "Mom-Mom" and gets into her crate before "Mom-Mom" has to drive "Auntie Nicole" to her doctor's appointment.).

Meanwhile, the only explanation that "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has for Reilly's and Camille's "going potty" and cratetime contrasts is their overall-contrasting personalities. 

How Reilly Marked Her Gregorian Month Birthday—aka, Part Of Why "Momma"'d Like An Answer From Reilly's Possible "Daddy" One Or Another Way

Reilly's day on "Momma"'s Gregorian year birthday was fine enough for Reilly—cue the reverse, inverse, or whatever you want to call how bad "Momma"'s day on Reilly's Gregorian birthday was for "Momma". To be fair, Reilly promised to be a better girl tomorrow when she came downstairs and got scritches just now—nonetheless, Reilly marked her Gregorian month birthday similarly to how she marked her Hebrew month birthday. Here are some highlights:

  1. She decided to leave poor Camille inside by herself while she was going potty—and of course, Camille got a short end of one of Reilly's sticks just as she did on Reilly's Hebrew month birthday.
  2. Why Camille was left inside is as follows: when "Momma" accidentally did not hook the extendable leash through the other leash's hoop, Reilly decided to let a pupchase ensue—and that pupchase included no less than Reilly eating "nasties" (including mulch), getting into "Mom-Mom"'s garden, deliberately running away from "Momma", and not coming inside until she heard "Camille" bark at something.
  3. When Reilly seemed like she was going inside, she tried to run back out in the backyard.
Meanwhile, "Momma" isn't supposed to be frustrated? "Momma" is supposed to accept how Reilly takes advantage of her disability, even though Reilly doesn't know that that's why she can outmaneuver "Momma"? "Momma" is supposed to tolerate and endure the lectures from "Auntie Michelle" about she can do more than she thinks than she can, as if she doesn't know herself well enough?

Also, not having a helpmate for herself and "Daddy" for Reilly continues to exhaust her and Reilly—maybe that's part of Reilly stubbornly went back into "Momma"'s room, jumped up onto "Momma"'s bed, and refused to get off of the bed and downstairs until "Momma" got out of the bed.

Can't she at least get an explanation from Reilly's possible "Daddy" for her and Reilly's sakes? How long must she ask this of  Reilly's possible "Daddy" (since she knows that he wants something and can't figure out just what)—and ultimately יהוה—or she supposed to, for example, depend on "Auntie Michelle" and "Momma" for the rest of her and Reilly's lives?

By the way, it's 1:29 AM EST on January 26th as "Momma"'s finishing this blog entry, and she began writing this at the end of the 25th—and poor Reilly's waiting as patiently as usual.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Picture Of Two Of Reilly's Fellow Ole Fielders That "Momma" Found The Other Day

"Momma" found a picture of two paternal siblings named "Lola" and "Charlie". Their father—as their owner, Ruth, stated—is Dashing Cream, whom sired Lola with Desiree and Charlie with Penny Lane.

Image may contain: people sitting, dog and indoor
The picture was originally publicly shared by Ruth on Ole Field Farm's Facebook page. Reilly's sort-of doppelganger is on left, and Camille's is on the right. 

By the way, "Momma" found the picture of Reilly's possible relatives on her own Gregorian birthday—and she's celebrating Reilly's 2.83-year Gregorian birthday—thus, finding the picture must've been a gift for "Momma" and Reilly! Also by the way, Reilly had quite an interesting day on "Momma"'s birthday and is a gift whom keeps on giving!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Forget (Well, Sort-Of Forget) "Momma"'s Day—How Was Reilly's Day?

Since "Momma" had her Gregorian birthday today and is "Auntie Michelle"'s twin, Reilly had a very-interesting day with both "Momma" turning 27 and "Auntie Michelle" taking a day off from work to celebrate her birthday. Some highlights:

  1. Since "Momma" accidentally pulled the door of Reilly's crate too high up—and, thus, out of its slider—Reilly had to wait until "Momma" got the door back into the slider, and it took quite a while (and with less strength than others and exhaustion, "Momma" couldn't get it back in as quickly as possible. Also, she couldn't get the help from "Auntie Michelle" that she would've liked to get—even after she woke up, was asked to help, and could've reconsidered her "Later" excuse.).
  2. Reilly and Camille did get to go upstairs and wake up "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi"—and part of Camille's wake-up call to "Mimi" was her usual "Good morning; let me in!" scratching on the door!
  3. At least "Auntie Michelle" took Reilly "potty" when "Momma" needed her to substitute to her—though "Auntie Michelle" rushed "Momma" to take Reilly "potty" after Reilly ran the bell in the first place, which gave "Momma" no time to quickly finish her coffee or put on a coat—and "Momma" needed "Auntie Michelle" to substitute after she got cold and got Reilly's extendable leash stuck around her cart.
  4. Reilly, meanwhile, had to deal with "Auntie Michelle" rolling her over when she barked—and Camille had to deal with "Mimi" rolling her over as well! 
  5. Since "Auntie Michelle" was home, "Mom-Mom" was able to take Reilly and Camille for a longer winter-day walk after she came home from work earlier (since she'd normally pick up "Auntie Michelle", whom is still working on learning to drive, from work and thus come home closer to when it's dark).

  1. Reilly and "Momma" thank everyone for the birthday wishes for "Momma", and Reilly and "Momma" send their love to Reilly's family, friends, and fans!
  2. Speaking of love, "Momma" and Reilly would've loved to get one birthday wish from someone whom'd they've hoped (or at least "Momma"'s hoped) would say something by now—and "Momma" definitely would read the birthday wish to Reilly if she got one—besides, Reilly recently celebrated her month birthday for Tevet.

Monday, January 23, 2017

To Mark The End Of Her 2.83-Year Birthday Day...

Reilly decided to steal the plastic-toy wishbone from Camille, and then she growlingly snarled at and bit the attempting restitutee—and she did this after she'd already jealously bitten her toy-bereft victim. "Momma" found all of this out after she asked "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" what just happened in there—"there" being the family room from which "Momma" heard Reilly's growly snarl.

As "Momma" wrote before, "2.83 years don't always make a puppy more obedient". 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why Is Kirk Douglas Still Not Admitting What He Did To Natalie Wood?

As I said, it's called being a Danilovich. That I could tell you what my paternal grandfather (of not-exactly-blessed memory) was like; and I will never forget what Granduncle Tony (of blessed memory) replied when I wrote something about my father and grandfather, and Pop-Pop's and Granduncle's father (the paternal grandson of a Danilovich). "Like father like son".
Lana Wood & Robert Downey, Jr. have experienced from outside of the familyat a much-more extreme level than most outside of the family do what dealing with remnant of the Daniloviches is like. Insofar as I know, those of us who are the remnant of that familyat least on our sideeither from the beginning or at least at some pointeven if it's at the endstop tolerating the ******** (Before I knew who exactly I am, I stopped tolerating the Danilovich ********—not that our other families didn't have issues, though something was in that Danilovich water—and I didn't even know that I'm a Jew, let alone a Danilovich through my paternal grandfather father's paternal grandfather, until I was 18.).

Even my Great-Granduncle Stanley (of blessed memory)as his grandson told mehad stopped dealing with the Danilovich ******** as much as he could for not having the Gospel, and he been cold to the Gospel all of his lifeunderstandably so as, though his grandson didn't know at the time that, our family were Anusim, and the Danilovich ******** from Great-Great-Granddad Czerniecki far from helped. When his grandson did share the Gospel with him and ask if he wanted to pray to receive Jesus into heart, he nodded his head as tears were in his eyes—and that helped him to begin to dispel and heal from the ******** like never before, and he saw that Jesus was neither the real motivation for so-called Christians to persecute his family nor the Jesus in which his family pretended to believe (that is, the Roman Catholic—and, by extension, the Polish Catholic—Church's version of Jesus).

Meanwhile, I'm guessing Great-Granduncle Stanley and others had and have stood in a position in which is now filled by—among othersperhaps one of the Danilovich-Douglas family members who's still living (in contrast to, e.g., Eric Douglas, who was—as someone who knows enough of any of the Danilovich history can seea victim partly of the Danilovich ******** that passed down through his line).

In conclusion, then, one can imagine what Lana Wood & Robert Downey, Jr. have dealt with as Non Daniloviches if he or she s a Danilovich has both dealt with and seen as others have dealt with Danilovich ********—and as I've said, you don't need to be on the Douglas side of the family to see it.

"Momma"'s Not Exactly A Gift To Her Two-Year-10-Month-Old Birthday Girl...

She tolerates "Momma" and probably has to "Keep Calm And Pray On" to tolerate her. By the way, Reilly gets every month birthday marked in some way—even with just a sentiment such, "It's your [e.g., 2-year-and-10th]-month birthday! Happy Birthday, Reilly!" 

Maybe she'll be able to mark this birthday with a special gift

PS Getting chased by a jealous Camille who just pawed Reilly up to five times after she bit her cheek in a dominance display does not help the poor birthday girl (or "birthday pup?).

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Remember Where I Was When...

I heard the full "I Have a Dream" speech, at least really for the first time and at least the part that's usually heard. It was in my dad's former church, Epiphany Episcopal in Odenton (Remember that Dad's an Anusi—still unhappy that I found out that we're Jews—and I had to spend every other weekend at with my dad until November 2006—that weekend was worth it.).

As I recall, it was on the left side of the front of the sanctuary, and there was certainly a speaker (or projector or other kind of media-playback device) on that side—and because it was within the time of MLK Day or one of the anniversaries of the "I Have a Dream Speech", the pastor had it played in the sanctuary after the service and encouraged people to listen to it.

While I can't exactly remember the details, I remember the impression that it left—and now I'm wondering how after that long ago (when a Jewish boy had just turned three years old five days before) anyone could've voted for Donald Trump (and gave to that now-almost-57-year-old Jewish man more reason to have an excuse to deny being a Jew) and how anyone could've voted for Donald Trump in the Name of Jesus (a Jew whom created women like Epiphany's priest and one of Epiphany's African-American congregants whom I shall never forget—and I'd mention her by name if I wasn't in dread that someone would use my mention of her by name to hurt her).

For Donald Trump voters whom were alive at the time of the March on Washington, old enough to remember, and/or even in Washington, by the way, did you forget where you were when you voted for Donald Trump; or was the March on Washington a joke to you; or do you have another reason as to why you voted for an embodiment of the nightmares of Dr. King (not to mention the embodiment of the nightmares of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and others whom marched with Dr. King)? 

The Inaugural Pupresidential Portraits And Still Waiting On Reilly's "Daddy"

Friday, January 20, 2017

If There's Ever An Example Of A Human Rubbing Off On A Puppy...

Maybe "Momma" does rub off on Reilly, just like "Mom-Mom" thinks (e.g., "Just like her 'Momma'".). Then again, Reilly in at least a few ways is a better example—speaking of examples, one example is the way that Reilly can be much more patient than "Momma" and with "Momma"—even when she is understandably mad and tired because "Momma" stayed up a little too late due to worry (albe justified worry, which Reilly does understand is justified—even though Reilly can't understand like humans can ).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

For "Momma", While Reilly As a "Dogter" Is Somebody To Love...

She can be a brat—a lovable brat, and nonetheless a brat—and she even ate some of "Mom-Mom"'s parsley plant (or at least some of the dirt in the pot), stole a treat from Camille, and barked inappropriately instead of set a example for her cousin (from whom she stole a treat, anyway!).

Especially when she eats "nasties" like parsley, she flares up "Momma"'s OCD/Anxietywhich is already increased because of "Momma" trying to figure out how she & Reilly will survive of Donald Trump ends up becoming POTUS.

(Anything can happen: he's not inaugurated yet, and he's apparently taking the first two days of his presidency off—and "Momma" and Reilly need a miracle. "Momma" has a hard-enough time taking care of Reilly for how much she can—she doesn't need to end up another victim of Donald Trump, and that Sergei Kovaleski was a victim of Trump and his ableism is quite enough.).

Believe "Momma", by the way, when she tells you that puppy owners—and other pet owners—do consider their furmily—and other famimals*—when they vote ("Momma" also didn't vote for Clinton, and Reilly is apuplitical.).

As for Reilly's turning a month older...2.83 years don't always make a puppy more obedient—although at least Reilly's baby-puppy-like instead of completely-adult-puppy-like, or even senior-puppy-like.

* "Famimals" is, of course, "family" and "animals".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In Order To Mark Three Days Until Her Hebrew ~2.83rd-Year Birthday...

Reilly, the birthday girl, decided to throw up in her "blankie" and a little on the backdoor mat after she had eaten "nasties" and barked for quite a bit of the previous Hebrew day—and as when "Momma" got into trouble for the recent toilet-paper incident, she got into trouble for "not watching her closely" and had to explain that she told Reilly "No nasties" and even thanked her when she drop a "nasty" (a leaf). If Reilly's foreshadowing what "Momma's" 27th year is going to be like for "Momma"...welcome to Hell, "Momma"—as if "Momma"'s life isn't Hell enough or affecting her to be a bad "Momma" to Reilly.

Ba(rke)d(-Up) Start To the Day

As Reilly's 2.83-year birthday is coming upReilly started off the morning by barking like a klipeh as she's been prone to do since ~1.83 years ago. From what "Mom-Mom" recalls, she picked up the habit from four much-older adult puppies in the neighborhood—and someone else has picked up on it since—and Camille, in fact, picked up the barking habit in turn so much so that she was even facing the door to the backyard and barking because of some neighbors whom she saw walking!

"Auntie Nicole" would have a hard time rolling over Camille, and she certainly had a hard time trying to roll over Camille's cousin ⃰  earlier—and the only reason that she could even try to roll over Reilly is because she was sitting up on her bed and Reilly was on the bed with her, and Reilly was facing the bedside window. Reilly put up a fight complete with flailing and thrashing around—and "Momma" couldn't roll over Reilly.

⃰  They're actually twice-removed cousins—as Apple, Reilly's mother, is a grandaunt of Tootsie, Camille's mother.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Momma" & Reilly Kind Of Share Birthdays Next Week & In the Spring, Because...

"Momma" is turning 27 human years old on the 23rd, and Reilly is turning 2.83 human years old on the 25th. On the Hebrew calendar, since the New Moon occured on December 30th, January 23rd is Tevet 25th (when "Momma" was born in 5749—or, by Rabbinical reckoning, 5750)—and (Biblically speaking,) Reilly will have already turned 2.83 human years old on January 21st, or Tevet 23rd (since March 25, 2014 was Second Adar 22-23, 5773).

In other words:

  1. "Momma" was born on a 23rd and 25th.
  2. Reilly was born on a 25th and a 23rd (unless she was born before sunset on the 25th of March)
  3. The 24-year-and-two-month Hebrew birthday of "Momma" occurred on Reilly's Gregorian birthdate, both of which were the 25th day of the month on their respective calendars.
  4. 23 January 2017: 25 Tevet 5776 = 25 March 2014: 23 Second Adar 5773—here, the day numbers reverse for the Gregorian and Hebrew months (and to figure out how to phrase that took "Momma" quite a while, by the way).
  5. What Adar 23 will be this year is to be determined, and Reilly will have to celebrate her third Hebrew birthday on Adar 23 if a Second Adar 5776 does not occur—and whether that coincides with March 25, 2017 (or even March 23, 2017) is to be determined.
Incidentally, "Momma" has a very-specific gift request to יהוה for herself and Reilly on one of their birthdays—and perhaps on the intersection of "Momma"'s two birthdays (which happens 27 years later after sunset, whereas it happened before sunset 27 years ago.). 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Why I As a Conservative Stand With Avaaz & Other Leftist Or Left-Leaning Organizations In Certain Cases Against RINO Trump

Donald "Insurance For Everybody" Trump is proving to be just as bad as Barack "You can keep your doctor if you like him" Obama to any reasonable mind—yeah; who's really going to repeal Obamacare now? Who's also going to help the least among us—Dr. "Get people off of it" Ben Carson? Not everyone has the (apparently-)good (mis)fortune of not suffering disabilities (such as in the case of those like Dr. Carson, whom might actually need to suffer disabilities for at least a while to see what it's like).

On the other hand, if Donald Trump and Dr. "[I]f the people had not been disarmed" Carson get their way, I (and others) could always die in another T4—and, in their minds, why not, since we'd be decreasing the load on their entitlement system? Besides, especially to Dr. "[I]f the people had not been disarmed" Carson, I as a Jew am expendable—since, after all, Jews were apparently responsible for the Holocaust because we weren't legally allowed to defend ourselves—I suppose, too, that there's "legitimate" Anti Semitism just as there's "legitimate rape", since "you can't rape your spouse", correct? Not that I could defend myself, anyway—and I'd be an easy target for rapists and rape enablers such as Michael Cohen and Dr. Carson—and get real if you don't think that people like me would not be blamed if Donald Trump et. al. get their way.

As for me, I stand with organizations like Avaaz and even Ultraviolet when I need to stand with them—after all:

If Trump gets his way, he's coming for the Jews—
And if I don't speak up for myself, who will speak up for me?
Then he'll come for people with disabilities—
And if I speak up for only myself, who will speak up for others?
Then he'll come for even quite a few women whom support him—
And if women like me who don't support him don't speak up now, when will we be able to speak up?
After all, this isn't just about if he'd come for me and I'd have nobody left to speak up for me.

Ben Carson's Attitude Is A Symptom and Reflection Of Society's Ableism

If only the case were as simplistic as Ben Carson likes to make it seem. Too many self-proclaimed conservatives don't help their communities, and then they complain about those of us "that make excuses"—as one person named "Gillespie" accused people like me of being.

Speaking of Gillespies, I had neighbors whom are Gillespies and have at least two friends whom are Gillespies; and the Gillespie in question is a shame to my neighbors' and friends' family name. I say this, by the way, with shandas to my own family namesIrish ones, including Reilly, being among them and Jewish ones, including Czarnecki, being among them. 

The Czarneckis whom were—and some of whom still are—shandas to the shem hamispacha either lied or did not say the truth about how my cousin Jamie came to have a low IQ—only later did I find out that he was not born that way. As for my mom's family, her grandmother Alice Reilly Allen may well have lied about her aunt Kas' disability—incidentally, one of my Gillespie friends brought this to light when he told me that she had Cerebral Palsy like I do, not Polio—and my maternal grandmother confirmed that Nana Allen may well have lied.. 

The point, then, is that Ben Carson's attitude is one more case in point that ableism continues to be rampantevenand perhaps especiallyin families whom have members whom have disabilitiesincluding even themselves: case in point, my dad never admitted to having OCD/Anxiety or Depression (and I found out only after I was diagnosed with OCD/Anxiety and Depression, and looked back on why all those pill bottles were in his apartment—and they weren't B12 ones, as I should've known), and he still justifies lying about his paternal grandfather's suicide (about which I should've known before I ended up in Sheppard Pratt after I threatened to take Great-Granddad's path).

PS I went to college and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science. I am registered with an employment agency. I am on LinkedIn, etc.—as I said, if only the case were as simplistic as Ben Carson and others like to make it seem. 
Meanwhile how (un)fortunate that he doesn't suffer a disabilityand maybe if he did suffer one, he'd at least know something about being the least among humankind and compassion. That's one of the few reasons that I'm glad that I have Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—that is, being of the least among humankind, "those that make excuses", etc., I know what compassion is and what it isn't.

Highlights Of MLK Eve, Courtesy Of Two Maltipoos

  1. To clean Reilly's teeth and have Reilly and Camille do a few tricks, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" employed treats. "Paw" for Camille meant "paw Camille on the head" for Reilly, and "other paw" meant "try to reach the treat with my paw"—this despite that Reilly already had her treat!
  2. When "Auntie Michelle" was sick and lying in bed, this did not stop sickbed-visiting Reilly from "Auntie Michelle"'s sheets a few times—she could smell Camille's scent on them—and it certainly did not stop Reilly from trying to dominate Camille—even though, at that point, "Auntie Michelle" was laying on the couch and they were laying on her stomach! 
  3. When "Mom-Mom" sent down Reilly and Camille for sick and couch-bound "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi", Camille made her presence known by doing an audible puppy shake. Both Reilly and Camille enthusiastically greeted "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" as well.
Reilly and Camille were also certainly empaths in regards to "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi"—thus why they were on the couch with her, as they wanted to be with their sick family member. Meanwhile, Reilly is certainly being an empath—although certainly and understandably not a sympath—as she waits for "Momma" (whom's, incidentally, waiting for an in-life-overall highlight for both herself and Reilly) as she wraps up for the day (and thinks about that highlight, especially since she and Reilly may need that highlight especially soon).

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Who Advised Andrea Bocelli To Take Donald Trump's Offer In the First Place?

Were I one of Andrea Bocelli's managers or PR agents, I've written a memo of dissuasion such as:

"Absolutely not. You're Italian, Roman Catholic, and blind. Do you really think that Donald Trump—a known admirer of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, and their contemporary counterparts such as Saddam Hussein and Putin—would be good to you? He doesn't like any Olive—let alone Latin—people, Christians—let alone KKK-despised Catholics, or people with disabilities.

"You do realize, by the way, that Italians and Hispanics are not the only Olive people whom he hates, right? If you didn't, know that he also hates—for example—Jews, such as Jesus—for starters, ask Julia Ioffe and other Diasporan Jews, and certainly ask Jews under Ultra-Orthodox oppression—then you'll understand why he supports the Netanyahu and the Ultra Orthodox.

"As for Christians, he can't love Christians (let alone be a Christian) since he hates Jews—and I can't help you if you need that one explained to you—and since he helped his KKK-affiliated father discriminate against Blacks, he couldn't love Christians or be a Christian even if he didn't hate Jews.

"As for people with disabilities, ask Sergei Kovaleski and Marlee Matlin—the latter of whom is also Jewish, which is another obvious reason that Trump targeted her.  As for Sergei Kovaleski, by the way, Slavophobic Trump would doubly despise him regardless of whether he's Jewish with a Slavophonic surname or ethnically Slavic—ask his ex-wife Ivana and the Polish workers that he exploited.

"In conclusion, then, I hope that you understand why you should not take the offer of a known White Supremacist and ableist—let alone one that is a KKK aider and abetter—after all, being a blind Latino whom claims a Jew as your Savior inherently put you among the kind of the people that Donald Trump hates."

In Contrast To How "Momma" Is In One Of Reilly's Typical Days...

Reilly is one of the few bright spots in any of "Momma"'s days of late. Even yesterday, for example, "Mom-Mom" took Reilly along with her when she went to pick up "Momma" from counseling (yes, counseling 😳; partly because "Momma"'s trying to be a better "Momma" to Reilly). At one point, Reilly even let one of the staff at the counseling firm pet her, growled either playfully or jealously, and then went back to allowing scritches and giving kisses.

That's also literally one of the few clearly-enough-rememberable moments from yesterday in which Reilly was involved—some other events that involve Reilly, and some other events within the day, are either not as rememberable (with "Momma"'s ADD, etc. fogging up those events) or not specifically involving Reilly.

As for Reilly, she—"Momma" can assure you—would be embarrassed to have "Momma" as her human mother if she had—or at least could communicate—any canine equivalent of human understanding in regards to "Momma" being an almost-27-year-old female human whom has disabilities (Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses) and, as a result, is still living with her own human mother and without Reilly's "Daddy" in her life for the time being (if there even is a "Daddy" for Reilly at this point—or at least if Reilly's future "Daddy" is whom "Momma" thinks, or at least hopes, that he is).

("Momma" gets jaded and very cynical very quickly, and Reilly would probably be embarrassed by that.)

For whatever reason, though, "Momma" is (or is she) a bright spot in Reilly's day(?).

 ⃰ PS: If it isn't too much to ask of Reilly's possible future "Daddy", couldn't he at least let "Momma" know what he's thinking on his end for her and Reilly's sakes? The ballso to speakis in his court and a ball that not even Reilly or Camille could get and/or bring to "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" without him throwing for them first and/or telling them to come get it.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Troublemaker Gets "Momma" Into Trouble Again

To be fair, "Auntie Michelle" also got "Momma" into trouble—she didn't close the bathroom door! Assuming that both Reilly and Camille were on the sofa behind her, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" got the brunt of "Mom-Mom"'s anger concerning what "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" and Reilly did—and "Auntie Nicole" is pretty sure that Camille was an accomplice or accessory this time!

Puppies—including adult puppies—can know enough to, e.g., not "peedy in the house" or play with the bathroom trash—let alone try to eat the toilet paper that she scattered within the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen! Of course, "Momma" and "Mom-Mom" did not let Reilly get away with playing with the bathroom trash, trying to eat the toilet paper, or trying to be cute to get away with it.

At least Reilly's baby-puppy-like behavior is keeping her young at heart and in mind, and may keep her sharp minded and baby-puppy-like when (God willing) she's a senior puppy.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Distinct Sniff, Sneeze, Bark, Or Other Noise In The Kitchen Lets "Auntie Nicole" Know That...

A certain fur niece of hers is coming down to "go potty" for the night. Meanwhile, she just turned around, saw Camille come into the family room, gave her a scritch as she came over to her, and turned around to see that she had gone away from her and up onto the couch.

Camille and Reilly surely provide levity, comfort, consistency, or whatever it is that they provide in these dark, uncertain, and troubling times—and "Momma" is giving Reilly scritches with her left hand as she types with her right pointer finger.

"hay hogan what about martin omaly's taxes on us in his last 8 years what did u do forget."

With all due respect:

You have no clue if you think that Governor Hogan can just automatically undo eight years of the Maryland voters' damage—since we as voters (even those of us whom voted for Ehrlich) need to take responsibility for the eight years prior to 2015. Besides, having a General Assembly whom generally pits itself against any Republican administration won't help get the O'Malley Administration tax initiatives repealed.

In Howard County (where, by the way, he had to quickly appoint a new sheriff after the Fitzgerald scandal), a microcosm of that can be seen: automatically undoing the Ulman Administration's and the County Council's Ulman Administration damaging initiatives won't happen overnight, especially since the County Council has four Democrats and one lone Republican—and by the way, in a county in which Jewish voters are expected to be Democrats (this, for example, despite that Ulman ran with one of the initiators of the abysmal Annapolis Conference, that Councilman Fox got elected at all is amazing—and of course, 80% of the County Council is generally pitted against a Republican Administration.

Also, Governor Hogan fought Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma—get a clue if you think that he had time and/or energy to even begin to try to repeal the O'Malley Administration tax initiatives (and Governor Hogan is not an authoritarian whom'd just override the assembly—if you want an authoritarian whom'd override a legislative body of any kind, look to the Donald Trump for whom Governor Hogan refused to vote). Besides, not even a full two years since Governor Hogan's case of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma went into remission have passed.

In conclusion, the only way that you'll reverse eight years of damage by a Maryland-elected O'Malley Administration is to do what Governor Hogan is doing:

  • Respect the will of Maryland's voting population—whose demographics he also needs to consider
  • Call for the General Assembly to participate in bipartisan and interbranch cooperation
  • Realize that the Hogan Adminstration battle is parallel to the much-smaller-scale Kittleman Administration battle—in which the Hogan Administration sometimes has to involve itself
  • Consider that nobody can just bounce back from even in-remission cancer, let alone Stage-Three Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma—especially when the General Assembly seems to want to deliberately drain any Republican governor of any energy and resources, let alone relatively-recently-in-remission Governor Hogan of day-to-day energy and other resources that he needs to have to affect any reversal of the damage that the O'Malley Administration caused.

⃰ O'Malley and Brown could've easily said, "Not in this city" and "Take it to another city"—by allowing an Annapolis Conference in which the Anti-Semitic "Palestinian" Authority participated, O'Malley and Brown were just as responsible for the Annapolis Conference as anyone else whom was involved with it.

"Golden Showers" & More Of Another Case Of Why Not All That Glitters Is Gold

  1. I don't ever again want to hear anybody lambasting Bill Clinton—whom, along with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump supported for years—if he or she will defend Donald Trump. Besides, bad enough is that Donald Trump has a jet worth $100 Million that actually has a sink that someone plated with 24k gold—so, conceivably, he could've had golden(-plated) showers—as the case turns out, and as I found out with Urban Dictionary, Donald Trump's "golden showers" aren't showering apparatuses that are made of gold. Again, Bill Clinton's a rich pervert and Donald Trump's not?
  2. Donald Trump is continuing to try to ban press members whom disagree with him.
  3. More and more evidence is coming out that Russia colluded with Trump (not the other way around, if you notice—unless the "golden showers" scandal does Donald Trump in, Ribbentrop is continuing to play Molotov).

Jealous Reilly Can Hold A Grudge, As Evidenced Today

Just a few minutes ago:

When the person whom helps "Momma" to get out and walk every day came over today (per "Mom-Mom"'s insistence, though having an aide in general is embarrassing for 26-going-on-27 "Momma") and gave Reilly scritches, Reilly liked the scritches—and then came the aide's wanting to give Camille scritches. Reilly held a grudge of jealousy against her up until just now, and she even licked Camille's teeth in a show of dominance after she walked away from barking jealously at her. Currently, she is enjoying a belly rub while Camille looks on and doesn't even try to get scritches or belly rubs—Camille will not try to mess with Reilly, and she's looking at the aide to let her know that—per the expression on her face, "I'm not messing with Reilly."

To be fair, she's also sleepy—and so is Reilly, who's being lulled off to a nap with belly rubs. Meanwhile, Reilly probably needs the nap, anyway. Incidentally, "Momma" needs to get to writing that book on Reilly!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: "Auntie Nicole" Can't Chase Camille!

"Auntie Nicole" has enough on her plate—she far from needed the suggestion that Camille wanted her to chase her when she ran away from her while she was trying to give her scritches! Doesn't "Mimi" get that "Auntie Nicole" can't play "The Gotcha Game" with Camille?

Doesn't "Mimi" also get that, for example, "Auntie Nicole" can't roll over either Camille or "Auntie Michelle"'s fur niece when either one bark or both of them bark? "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" would do a lot more could she do so! "Auntie Nicole" would love to play "The Gotcha Game" with Camille, and "Momma" would love to play the "I'm-a Getch-you, Puppy" variant with Reilly—and when "Momma"'s tried that, she's known that she can't run, let alone catch Reilly.

A helpmate to help "Momma" to do all of that and be a better "Momma" to Reilly would be nice, meanwhile—doesn't יהוה see that, or is He not sending her one because she's been a bad "Momma" to Reilly?

A Few Tasks That "Momma" Needs—Or At Least Maybe Needs—To Complete

  1. Start reading from the Bible to Reilly at night—or at least reading to Reilly what she reads to get to sleep at night—which she had promised to do a after she saw a video or read an article regarding bedtime reading a long time ago.
  2. Getting the New Years' card with Reilly's picture in it made—it's still January 2017, and not even the middle of January 2017, yet—God willing, "Momma" still has time to get the card done.
  3. Trying to fulfill the New Year's resolutions that she made re Reilly.
Here's the "maybe" task, by the way: maybe "Momma" should be the one to see what Reilly's possible "Daddy" wants—especially for both her sake and for Reilly's sake, so that (for example) she has more energy and focus to be a better "Momma" to Reilly—though she still wants him to be the one to contact her, especially she can only guess what he wants. Besides, "Reilly" knows about her possible "Daddy" (yes; pet parents do talk to their pets about these matters, and "Momma" has mentioned that she's told about him), and "Momma" would like him and Reilly to meet each other. 

Incidentally, she also has to learn to respond to e-mails, etc. more—the "Response Rate" badge on Reilly's page belies how responsive "Momma" actually is; and she found a birthday wish from 2010 from one of the people whom inspired her to write about Reilly—and whom she forgot to thank for it. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reflections On The 27 Club: Because I'm Turning 27 On the 23rd, And Fellow 1990 Babies Will Be 27

The 27 Club: if you live past 27, The 27 Club is good. If you don't live past 27, especially if you're famous...welcome to the 27 Clubat least you're in the company of Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison, among others.

Of course, you don't want to be experienced with the Lord buying you a Mercedes Benz when the heavens stop the rain—if your hearse ends up being a Mercedes Benz and the rains stop, you've experienced the flip side of "Blessed are the deceased on whom the rain falls."

With that said, let's see where my life goes in 13 days...

Unlucky number 13...

Oh boy....

At least my hearse won't be a Mercedes BenzI'm Jewish and I care about what happens after I'm deadeven though I can't come back to haunt anybody if my experience does end up being that my hearse is a Mercedes Benz. At least if the rain falls on me, whoever would buy me a Mercedes Benz will be experienced with what it's like to be going home soaking wet, having to change clothes unless he or she catches a cold, and perhaps also having to leave this earthly realm—man plans; God laughs, and Mercedes Benzes are as good as the spoils that Achan ben Carmi took.

Update: If God is delivering us from Trumpand worse than Trump—in time to give many to-be-27-year-old people a birthday gift, the case seems to be that Ribbentrop just got Molotoved! Man plans; God laughs, and Trump might as well turn himself in to the FBI while he can do so—and hand over his Mercedes Benzes for at least bail money, since he's going to need a lot of it!

Somewhat Offbeat: "Momma"'s Crying Over "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" & Current Heartbreak

Whenever "Auntie Michelle" would sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as a lullaby to Reilly during her first year home, "Momma" would break down crying (and is getting tears in her eyes now as she types this). "Momma" reminded "Auntie Michelle" of this when "Auntie Michelle" cried over seeing photos of others' beloved pets of blessed memory on a Facebook page, and this was after "Momma" asked her if she was crying because she was thinking about that God-forbid day down the road ⃰ .

(May Reilly and Camille each either be Raptured alive with her human mother or live until her human mother is at least 60 and be Raptured with her at the Resurrection of the Dead and the Calling Up of the Living!).

In a similar way with a different kind of love, "Momma" has been spiraling down for over a year and once again failing Reilly. As she explained:

"[A] year ago on January 6th was when she lost touch with one of the people whom inspired her to write about Reilly, and that loss has been hurting like Hell ever since then—and it's also affected mental-illness flareups that have her to be a quite-often-relatively-bad "Momma" to Reilly, which is paradoxically contrary to what "Momma" thinks that the person whom inspired her to write about Reilly would want."

She certainly isn't helping Reilly (Poor gal!), though she's trying her best—and even her OCD flared up today as she frantically looked for and tried to keep Reilly and Camille away from every piece of glass that fell into the backyard from an already-broken-glass pile on the porch enclosure—of course, she's been staying up late again thinking about him or her and the huge loss that losing touch with him or her has been.

She's also been thinking about Reilly's possible "Daddy" and what he wants—and she's told Reilly that and kept asking her if she thinks that the person in question will be her "Daddy". Reilly seems to have answered in the affirmative every time, as—as "Momma" has explained—a prophetess giving a prophecy or an oracle¹²!

As she's written before, too:

 "For all that 'Momma' knows, though, maybe loneliness will count as enough of a fast for God to send her a helpmate for her and a 'Daddy' to Reilly, whether soon or down the road—and whoever the 'Daddy' for Reilly might be could be anyone from a total stranger to even one of the guys among guys and gals whom inspired 'Momma' to write about Reilly, no matter what 'Momma' thinks of the chances that any given guy would or will ever be Reilly's 'Daddy'."

This person could also be the same one whom told her what the real story about Reilly's "Great-Grandaunt" Kas might be, and that "Great-Mom-Mom" confirmed could be the story for all that she knows.

Whatever the case is, "Momma" suspects that Reilly's possible "Daddy" knows whether or not he's also at least one of the other people described—now can "Momma" please know for her and Reilly's sakes, and can יהוה please move Reilly's possible "Daddy" to at least tell "Momma"?

"A merry heart is a good medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones", and "The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a broken spirit who can bear?" Doesn't יהוה see that "Momma" can't be strong enough for Reilly if she can't be strong enough for herself, and that she won't be strong enough until she gets the answer that she needs from Reilly's possible "Daddy" himself? 

Besides, "Momma" may—for example—miss a broken piece of glass one day, and that broken piece of glass could be fatal to Reilly if she can't find it and has no help in finding it, 

⃰ In case you don't get it, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when "Auntie Michelle" sings it to Reilly makes "Momma" think of the "Rainbow Bridge"

¹ In the JPS 1917 translation of Tanakh, "oracle" is translated as "parable", "word", "burden", etc..

² "Momma" asks Reilly that in a, if you will, casting-lots or an asking-of-God's-word way.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Watergate Looks Like A Koi-Garden Fence Compared To Trump

I've said this on Twitter, and I will say it again here: Watergate was not as bad as Trump is! 

At that time, we had IRS Agents to help bring him down—and my granddad was one of those three IRS Agents whom served tax papers to Nixon via his attorneys in 1973. This time, we—unless יהוה wills otherwise—won't have any IRS agents to help bring tax-fraud Trump down. 

We also—unless יהוה wills otherwise—won't have my grandfather, whom—unless יהוה wills otherwise—despite that he was a shanda for the goyim in many other ways—unless יהוה wills otherwise—was a Jew whom did not like Anti Semites. Remember that he himself an Anusi, since his parents were b'nei Anusim—and his father was a pogrom survivor, since his parents became Anusim to survive the pogroms when he was two or three years old. 

Also keep in mind that he came here in 1908 with his mother to join his father, and all of them remained Anusim for their entire lives—and that my granddad followed in his footsteps—not to mention that my granddad was the same Jack Czarnecki whom begrudgingly admitted that we're Jews after pretending that we are related to the notorious Anti Semite Stefan Czarniecki for years: "If we had any Jewish blood, I don't know about it," as he suddenly changed his years-of-denial tune in our final phone conversation.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure what he'd do now—he died in 2013—I'm guessing that he'd harden his resolve to deny that we're Jews. After all, 1936-2013—with 1973-1974 in between that 77-year timespan—is a long time to hide and deny that we're Jewish, isn't it?

More And More Evidence Of Dangerous Trump

Needing to prove more and more that Trump is dangerous seems to be the case. What other evidence does one want, though, when:

  1. Reince Priebus incriminated Russia?
  2. Anti Semites continue to be emboldened by Trump?
  3. Kellyanne Conway evaded questions re Russia?
  4. A Jew who did absolutely nothing to defend his people may become his father-in-law's "senior adviser"?
  5. Trump's buddy and 2013 candidate in Israel is none other than Agudat Yisra'el empowerer & monarch-complexed Benjamin Netanyahu? Besides, Trump has gotten worse since his "short little guys" comment in 1991, and Netanyahu has gotten worse since 1996 and his comeback after the 10-year reprieve with albe-not-perfect Barak, Sharon (whom even switched from Likud), and Olmert.

That Donald Trump is dangerous and surrounds himself with dangerous compatriots remains the point!

When "Great-Mom-Mom" Belatedly Came To Visit For Christmas

While Camille and Reilly had to have their baths put off for another day (which Camille doesn't mind), neither Camille nor Reilly stunk up "Great-Mom-Mom"'s visit ⃰. A few highlights:

Pictures And Pre-Visit Video

Reilly being a yungatshe.

Don't let those markings betray you. Yungatshn can have fliglen shel malokhim—and Reilly would fly to find "Mom-Mom" if she could and thought her to be in ekvelt.

Trying to get pictures of the brats before "Great-Mom-Mom" comes (Understandably, getting ready for the visit stressed everyone out.)

"Auntie Michelle" held excited Reilly while "Auntie Nicole" held nervous and shaky Camille.

Camille jumped down from "Auntie Nicole"'s lap to be with "Mimi".

Everyone had to be careful with not-for-puppies items (such as wine) around.

Sweeping up trail-mix crumbs and having not-for-puppies dinner food around: too much risk for the puppies to be not crated.

From waiting to welcome back "Mom-Mom" and greet "Great-Mom-Mom", to being show offs and foodies, Reilly and Camille made "Great-Mom-Mom"'s visit memorable ¹.

⃰ "Great-Mom-Mom" did confirm that Nana Allen told quite a few bubbe meises, and (something like) "there were so many stories with that family". Maybe that's whence Reilly gets her penchant of trying to act innocent when she eats a nasty", etc.. 😉

¹ Headache warning: Because of having Cerebral Palsy, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" recorded shaky videos that might be headache inducing.