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Friday, April 21, 2017

Of Course, Not Only "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Has Rough Days. For Example...

Yesterday was a rough day for Reilly when some pizza burned in the oven (and everyone knows how Reilly likes when the oven has any smoke emitting from it), and "Momma" had to (try to) soothe her with scritches and belly rubs (which at least somewhat worked, even though she widely-eyed shook and panted for a bit). Reilly also had to deal with Camille being a little aggressive in the pre-walk excitement earlier. This isn't to say that there weren't points at which Reilly was entirely innocent in everything or that Camille didn't suffer anything rough during the day, though.

In fact, Reilly scared Camille away from her own crate because of the treats in it; and Camille absolutely refused to get into her crate during naptime (She ended up napping by exhausted "Auntie Nicole".). To make things even worse for Camille, Reilly decided to take her treats out of her crate once naptime was over for both—notwithstanding that "Momma" guessed that Reilly might want to be out of her crate to join Camille and her "Mama" imperfecta—and she got aggressive with Camille when Camille's turn to get treats after being brushed came, and "Momma" had to try to roll her over.

By the way, "Momma" will not be changing Reilly's name (or any related name for that matter), despite that, that might be rough for Reilly if she could understand why having "Reilly" might be rough for a while*.

*Long before a certain ex newsman became an ex newsman for a reason, "Reilly" was named "Reilly" because of family history and other factors, notwithstanding that a human "Reilly" became a shame among the Roghallach clan—then again, "Momma" and Reilly don't have to worry about that (at least as much) because Reilly's a MaltiJewish Reilly, mainly through her "Pop-Pop"'s side (and Camille, e.g., is named partly after "Auntie Nicole"'s and "Mimi"'s great-four-times-grandmother Dominika Wierzbinska Czerniecka).
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