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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Short Biography Pfc. Bernard "Bernie" Stanley Czarnecki, U.S. Army 111th Infantry Division Medical Corps (WW2, DOW)

(As originally written for and sent to family friends)

Born in Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1920, Bernard Stanley Czerniecki was the youngest son of Ashkenazi Crypto-Jews Julian and Alexandria Andrulewicz Czerniecki. Entering the United States Armed Forces shortly before he turned 21 years old, Bernard (now Bernard "Bernie" Stanley Czarnecki) served in the 111th Infantry Division Medical Corps of the United States Army for exactly five years—from December 12, 1940 to December 12, 1945. Bernie enlisted shortly before his brothers Edward ("Ed")—who enlisted on January 21, 1943—and Joseph ("Susi")—who enlisted on February 17, 1941—did (Incidentally, Bernie either re-enlisted on the same day as Susi enlisted or did not have his original enlistment recorded until the day that Susi registered.).
Having received a shrapnel-effected wound in combat, Bernie underwent surgery to remove the shrapnel. Given that the surgery was botched, Bernie was discharged from the Army at the Newton D. Baker General Hospital in Martinsburg, West Virginia. From Baker Hospital, he moved to the Veterans' Affairs Housing and Hospital complex in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Living at the VA Housing and Hospital complex in Lebanon for the rest of his life, he succumbed to his received-in-combat injuries on July 16, 1963 in the VA Hospital in Lebanon.

He died of Schizophrenia and a Coronary Occlusion as a result of his battle wars at 6:30 AM EST in the VA Hospital on that July 16th. Having an autopsy performed on him by Dr. A.H. Heisey of Quentin, Pennsylvania, he was not received by his family and the George Strish Funeral Home in Ashley, Pennsylvania until July 20th. Once he was received, he was buried in Holy Family Cemetery in Sugar Notch.

Pfc. Bernard "Bernie" Stanley Czarnecki, then, was:
  1. One of the Nazis' post-war victims of the Holocaust. Since Bernie came from a Crypto-Jewish family, he—along with his brothers Ed and Susi, along with his other family members—was a target of the Nazis solely on account of his Jewish heritage.
  2. An unrecognized Jewish-American soldier of World War Two. Whether he even received a Purple Heart is unknown, and he has nobody who the Department of Veterans' Affairs considers to be a next-of-kin family member who may claim.
  3. A Jew who had to go through the additional agony of having an autopsy performed on him—since Jewish tradition forbids autopsies except for in cases when the law and/or extenuating circumstances require that an autopsy is to be performed on the Jewish decedent in question.*
*All information comes from documents that were found on, Bernie's nephew Anthony "Tony" John Czarnecki, Jr. (1946-2014) and other family sources, and prior knowledge. 

Great-Granduncles Bernard, Joseph, and Edward

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

יהוה As My Witness, I Am Telling This True Story

When I was outside and Reilly saw the neighbors' dog Leo (to whom she takes a particular affinity), she bolted out of her coat (the buckle of which she had chewed and made loose) and to the fence. She interacted with and chased Leo, who was the one who came to the fence in the first place (and his human mother had to pick him up to get him back over to his house—and imagine picking up an about-two-years-old Border Collie mix who could bolt over to see Reilly like that! Yes; I was perhaps a bit of a jerk for recording it, too, admittedly—running over would have made the situation worse, though. Besides, I can't run! Also, staying and recording the video does give me: firstly, a memory to share with others; and secondly, corroborating evidence that I did nothing wrong.).

I did eventually coax Reilly into the house with a promise of peanut butter. Incidentally, she did get some exercise on this rainy day and while "Mom-Mom" and the UMBC alumna known as "Auntie Michelle" were at Michelle's commencement ceremony and on a visit to Reilly's "Great Mom-Mom". 


More progress

More progress

More progress

More progress

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Graduate's Walk: A Short Story

She elegantly walked down the staircase and into the lobby of the hotel as she prepared to leave for the stadium. Why did her going to a stadium involve poise, decorum, and care in the way that she moved on her feet? A stadium! Why?

 "You're participating in your commencement ceremony—that's why! You could be participating in your commencement ceremony at the local Walmart® and staying at a half-star motel beforehand; and I'd still expect the same amount of decorum from you"—so her mother admonished her. She grumbled, although she did know that a commencement ceremony was not a casual event and daily motion—her mother, thus, had a point about her carrying herself in a formal manner for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of academic achievement

She walked to the stadium with scholarly class, then —and she even made the Color Guard at the typical Ravens games look as if they were futzing-around schlubs whom were playing "Capture the Flag" or "Flag Football". Then there she stood —at the Ravens Stadium she stood —and she was prepared to walk across the set-up-and-take-down stage platform to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Paralegal Certificate....

As she took the documentations of her college completion and certification training in her hand, she walked out of the Ravens Stadium with the formality of a distinguished college graduate and a summa-cum-laude-endowed political scientist and paralegal.

Embedded image permalink

In honor of Michelle Czarnecki (UMBC '15), whom will participate in her commencement ceremony at Royal Farms (formerly First Mariner) Arena. Michelle Czarnecki will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Progress on the other plants. The one bud is kind of hard to see.

Progress on the other plants. The one bud is kind of hard to see.

When Mama Bird first returned.

When Mama Bird first returned.

Mama Bird returned with a bug for her chirppers.

Mama Bird returned with a bug for her chirppers.

Progress on my apple-tree plants

Progress on my apple-tree plants

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Told You Who Are Lewd Web Users, Get My Content Off Your Website

You do realize that the FBI and other organizations, e.g., can track you all down as well, correct? As I said, I don't condone lewdness; and I will call the lewd web users—including ones who have sex-trafficking websites—out.

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