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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reilly Rosalita Czarnecki

This is Reilly Rosalita Czarnecki. She was born on March 25, 2014 at Ole Field Farm in Union Bridge, Maryland. The daughter of Oobi-Won and Apple Fleming, she is a Patrilineal Maltese and a Matrilineal Apricot Poodle. She has one sister, two brothers, and many other relatives; and her human family brought her home on May 24, 2014. A maiden Maltipoo, she resides in the Baltimore, Maryland area with her human mommy, Nicole, her "Auntie" Michelle, and her "Grandma", Cecilia. She currently spends her days teething, playing, exploring, napping, and doing all else that puppies do. Her chag kelevah mitzvah ("bark mitzvah") will occur in February or March 2015, given that Second Adar 22-23, 5773 fell in March 25, 2014. May, G-D willing, Reilly live 34 or more calendar years (149 or more "human years").

Too cute!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


You read about pregnant women being sentenced to death for their faiths, when you see that people have typed heinous words about a man who had a relapse when he was trying his best to recover from an addiction, when you know that you'll be called a "politically-correct [whatever it is]" for defending a man's apology for his insensitive comments about Black children who wear sweatshirts with hoods (and when you, he, and others darned well know that Trayvon Martin—who had pot in his system, etc.—would've done what he did with or without wearing a hoodie, since Trayvon's actions and intents therebehind were what got him into trouble), and when you defend someone and he or she thinks that you're attacking him or her (especially when he or she could read the whole context and should've taken the time to do so—and don't think that I don't notice those things; especially when:

  1.  you befriend, like, or follow me 
  2. you won't even take the time to see that I was defending you when someone else was attacking you
  3. you unfriend, dislike, or unfollow me because you think that I was attacking you)
By the way, I won't name the person, though you'll figure out who he or she if you take the time to read carefully what he or she should've read carefully. I didn't even solicit this person's follow, by the way: I just stated that I agreed with him or her on something, and that's when he or she followed me. When another person attacked him or her as a person who was spreading rumors, I asked that person point blankly if he or she thought that the person in question is a liar. So much for defending that person! Unless I have any reason to ever defend that person again, I won't; especially since he or she thinks that my defense of him or her is an agreement with his or her attacker.

Also, let me say that this a pattern in my life:

  1. I get attacked for defending people, and sometimes am accused of attacking them when I'm defending them.
  2. I get blamed for something that was done to me (e.g., I got blamed for almost getting hit when I was the one being harassed in the first place.).
  3. I get my words twisted constantly (besides that I have my defenses turned into attacks, I mean. I even had, e.g., someone recently say that I was blaming him or her for a situation in his or her life when all that I said was that I was dealing with depression that resulted from how I was affected by the situation in question.).
  4. I get lies brought up against me when I don't buy a story hook, line, and sinker. e.g., Bringing up that old Stefan Czarniecki canard will never make me again fall for that "Foczko"/"Focko" is a Slavic name and that we were Slavs! And that's something that I will bring up with names. I'm sorrowed that some hate that "Foc[z]ko" [from "foka"] is a pun and variant of "Siegel" [which has been translated to "Seal"] and that they have to act like Jack Czarnecki in the process—and it's not just Kevin, I assure you. I get the sense that others in the family want to think that I'm a meshugah klipeh.
There are other parts of the pattern, too....and they all culminate into that this is part of my only reason for living nowadays...

And sadly, I'm raising her in a messed-up-enough world; and here's hoping that I myself don't add to the world and its problems.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Too-Long Comment Re Dana Horn's Article

"True, European Jewish immigrants did have to render their names into Latin or Cyrillic letters to create passports, and yes, passports were sometimes forged—but those forgeries or name changes would have been generated by the immigrants themselves. It is also true that many immigrants chose new names for themselves in America, whether for expediency or to avoid discrimination. But that was after they left Ellis Island. I am not revealing state secrets here, or arcane information. Any school child who has been on a field trip to Ellis Island knows all this. But why use facts when rumors will do?"

Yep. My paternal granddad's paternal family did this. "Czerniezka"? Who checked; and, by the way, who questioned when Alexandria "Czerniezka" listed "Katarzyna [?] Czerniezka", to whom she was not talking, as her nearest relative from whence she came (and never mind that they weren't talking after the former had become a Anusit)? (By the way, they were both Danilowiczes somehow. "Katarzyna" certainly was, as she was born a Danilowicz
ówna.) And on other records..."Czarnecki", "Chernetski", "Czarniecki", "Czerniecki" (the original one, apparently), "Charnetski". Something should've caught on; and, blessedly, it somehow never did (and, by the way, Great-Granddad "spoke perfect English"; and English was neither his nor his extremely-literate parents' native language, and his dad particularly knew how to get around the system. His mom was a little more honest. Still, Great-Granddad was one of those who was marked by "inaccuracies [which] were grounds for deporting improperly documented or unqualified people back to Europe". How Ellis Island, the Luzerne County Courts, etc. never caught on, I can only guess.

As for "facts when rumors will do" on the flip side: one of our surnames is "Foc(z)ko" or "seal". Whether it's a deliberate pun on "Siegel" (and I'll bet that it is), I can only guess. But my cousin (since we were Anusim who fled Poland after the Non-Anusi branch bid us farewell) gets so mad when I point out that "Focko" and "Foczko" are rare, in mainly Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary (and became "Fosko" in many cases in the U.S.); is "Focko" and "Foczko" ("Fo-ts-ko") in Polish, Slovakian (with the non-accented "c"), and Hungarian; and both the Polish and Hungarian use the word "foka" (with the only difference being the Hungarian having the "ó"), and Slovakian doesn't have that word. Also, we immigrated to Upper Hungary, the more-tolerant of the two Hungarys (not Lower Hungary), where we could pass and have Slovakized our name if we so chose (We didn't.). 

He loves to continue to buy the family tripe, which includes all this randomness/coincidences/conveniently leaving out geographical proximity and other relevant factors (e.g., that István Foczko's wife, Jána Hanzóková Foczková, was never noted to be of "hanzók"/Hanseatic descent [and if she was, that would've come out; as one of our ways of passing was to try to link ourselves to gentile notables if we could]; that her mother was a Lázárová, and that her only daughter, Julianna Foczková, was deliberately proposed to by a Levite whose parental grandparents had to be "felmentették" ["acquitted"] to marry). In doing so, he also (whether or not he realizes that he) dumbs us down quite a bit (e.g., as if Anusim weren't smart enough to seek each other out?). 

By the way, he didn't mind using my granddad's old Stefan Czarniecki canard on me. He lost, though: ours was "Czerniecki" (apparently. It could've been "Zernetzky", too. Who knows? It was an Anusi marriage done at Maćkowa Ruda, far from Krasne and Lipsk, and far from the eyes and ears of rabbis who'd've never allowed a Catholic marriage even for "Antoni" and "Katarzyna" to gain freedom from serfdom). We were never near the Anti-Semite Stefan Czarniecki (We are related to Kirk Douglas, though. I don't know the connection; yet, there you go: "Danilovich" wasn't just a patronymic after all, and the Daniloviches are responsible for producing an Exodus denier who raped Natalie Wood. We're also responsible for producing Jack Czarnecki, who hurt a lot of people—including by hiding his Jewishness and trying to connect us to Stefan Czarniecki. 

(Concerning that [i.e., Kirk Douglas, my granddad's self hating, and whatever else that is bad that I didn't know until I began doing the family research] , I was like Darby Conley after he got his cat—"sorry and ignorant.")

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Since This Question Came Up On Facebook...

I thought that I might as well share what was originally intended as a private message to the asker, since it became a whole blog entry's length:

But the Jews that was slaves in Egypt for my understanding were Africans it's Egypt in African?

Egypt is actually in the Middle East (in the North African part). The Jews (Israelites) came down from Aram (Syria) and Canaan (Israel). So, Israelites were not African. Now, are there Israelites who are African also? Yes. Among them:

1) The Lemba (Zephaniah 3:10 alludes to particularly them, I think, since most of them are Yemeni Jewish kohanim who generally believe in Jesus as the Messiah:

("From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia
My worshipers,
The daughter of My dispersed ones,
Shall bring My offering."

(Kohanim were the ones who sacrificed the brought offerings on behalf of the congregation.)

2) The Falasha.

3) There is a tribe in Sudan who may be Jewish (e.g., They practice levitrate marriage, which is a very-Jewish custom.). DNA testing has not been done on them as far as I know, though.

4) Zoe Kravitz (whose parents are also Black Jews).

5) Rashida Jones.

6) The late Rep. Walter L. Cohen (R-LA), a Jewish Catholic.

7) Drake (Matrilineally Jewish)

8) Fitzgerald Andrews (a Facebook friend of mine. If he's an Andrulewicz, which I asked him about once, then he's ethnically Jewish as well. The Andrulewiczes are Ashkenazi Jewish.)

I'm sure that I could think of other examples.

PS The 1/16th rule comes from 1 Chronicles 7:14-15 and Galatians 4:22-24. Since Isaac was the first Jew, the 1/16th rule (from Isaac to Machir, who married back into Israel) was meant to protect Jewishness in a line for as long as possible. Of course, the South perverted that rule to use against Blacks, and Hitler and the Nazis (whose names and memories God will surely obliterate) perverted that rule to use against the Jews (Hitler's final victim, thank God, was himself, by the way. Since he hated his own people that much, he should've taken his life before he could take the lives of any other.).

Thursday, May 1, 2014

In Case JFJ Decides To Delete My Conversation With Them

 commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 6:25 PM
Hi Nicole, thanks for taking time to respond to the film, I hope you got a chance to watch the video explaining why we chose to make the film.  If you would like to continue a conversation or have any questions please go here
Nicole Czarnecki's profile photoThat Jew Died for You's profile photo
Nicole Czarnecki
Yesterday 6:47 PM
I didn't even watch the video because I did not want to dignify or promote it in any way, shape, or form. As many have pointed out, many of the Nazis used Jesus (Yeshua) to commit horrid, Pseudo-Christian, Anti-Semitic (including Anti-Messianic) acts. As Holocaust survivor Edith Mayer Cord noted, Christianity was used by Martin Luther (who inspired much of Nazi ideology) to persecute Jews.

I knew right from the beginning that Moishe Rosen would never endorse or support using the Holocaust as a way to proselytize. "That Jew Died For You" crosses the line between sharing faith and proselytizing it; and, as Stuart Dauermann wrote (which I didn't even know):

"I remember Moishe (Moishe Rosen, Founder of Jews for Jesus) saying that one should never ask a survivor what he or she did to survive, because they all did things they are not proud of. He recognized that some things are hands off. Unfortunately, this film ignored that wisdom.

"Not everything that appears to advance the cause of the gospel is a good idea. This is why Moishe forbade JFJ to evangelize people under 18 without parental consent. He was wise: he realized it was inappropriate.  That kind of wisdom was missing in the release of this video."

Indeed (as Rev. Dauermann also noted), " I am afraid you triggered great animosity toward yourselves and the gospel.  Is it the gospel they are rejecting, or is it offensively poor taste? The answer is clear."

Look at YNet, VirtualJerusalem, and Ha'aretz for starters. I cringed when I saw how you affected Non-Messianic Jews and gentiles to perceive Messianic Judaism and Jews for Jesus.
That Jew Died for You
Yesterday 7:33 PM
The film was Moishes idea...  You should watch it before you criticize.  It was made to fight against antisemitism and to show who Jesus really is.  He is the suffering servant.

The animosity was already there before we ever made the film.  Now many Jewish people are talking about Jesus.  When my own father first heard about Jesus he was very angry, but the Holy Spirit softened his heart and now he follows Jesus.  Please have a more faith in this film and the power of the holy spirit.  Feel free to talk to me or anyone else on our chat about any other questions or concerns you have.
Nicole Czarnecki
Yesterday 7:38 PM
+That Jew Died for You, then why wasn't it made when he was alive? You're succeeding in only sullying Moishe's memory, making the Gospel look foolish, and bringing down Jews For Jesus. What a shame. 
That Jew Died for You
Yesterday 7:44 PM
Well, there wasn't a good way to get a film like this seen in a large scale while Moishe was alive and doing a film like this would have costed far more with far less quality.  So he had us wait.  I wish he was still alive to have seen it.  The film shows the Gospel played out during a Jewish tragedy, the concept was adapted and inspired by Marc Chagall's artistic works that also show Jesus in the holocaust.  By the way Marc Chagall isn't Messianic.  I really hope you reconsider and watch the film.  It is a good film that will help many Jews see Jesus in the best way possible.   
Nicole Czarnecki
Yesterday 7:50 PM
+That Jew Died for You, I'd love to see the proof of that. If it was really Moishe's idea, wouldn't there have been a written statement from him on that? Also, wouldn't JFJ have released that statement after the backlash? So, you're trying to sully his memory and lie about him. One of the Aseret HaD'varim states that one should not bear false witness, and you're breaking that mitzvah. 
That Jew Died for You
Yesterday 8:13 PM
We have original storyboards from Moishe and his wife and daughters will tell you the same.  Would you like his daughter to give you a call?
Nicole Czarnecki
Yesterday 8:14 PM
Why don't you do the right thing and release them for everyone to see?
That Jew Died for You
Yesterday 8:19 PM
Besides you, no one else has had an issue with the film being Moishe's idea.  But if showing you his story board will help you understand then I would be glad to share it.  I will send it tomorrow. 
Nicole Czarnecki
Yesterday 8:32 PM
I would prefer that you do the right thing and release it for everybody to see. It received public backlash; it should be able to be defended in the public eye. After all, Yeshua Himself said, "there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light." (Mark 4:22
, NKJV) He also said through Kefa, "sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;  having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed. For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil." (1 Kefa [Peter] 3:15

If you really think that you can defend your claims, then do it. As Rev. Dauermann wrote correctly, "You will discover that your message is not getting across, but that people are repelled, disgusted, and enraged. Paul reminds us that it is no compliment when “the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”" Even worse when the name of God is blasphemed among our own people!
That Jew Died for You
11:11 AM
So you are not interested in seeing them.  That is fine.  The louder, not necessarily larger, Jewish community is upset because of Jesus.  If it was merely just because of the Holocaust they would be equally upset with films like Schindler's List or Escape from Sobibor.  The truth is that though the knee jerk reaction is offence and anger from anti-missionary sites, they do not represent the larger Jewish community.  Stuart Dauermann does not know what the real reaction will be.  He only sees what the press puts out which has never been supportive of the Gospel.

Now you need to know that I am a great grandchild of a murdered great grandmother and several other family members in Auschwitz.  Though my parents are Messianic much of the rest of my family a mix of reformed conservative and orthodox Jews.  Most of witch have seen the film and are now considering Jesus.  Though you have your doubts, the truth is the film works well for those who are willing to listen.

My concern is to see Jewish people consider who Jesus is.  When anti-missionaries raise their voice it is there goal to distract me from my goal.  I am not here to defend the film and prove it came from Moishe to you, if you would like to speak to his family and ask them about it feel free.  
Nicole Czarnecki
2:47 PM
So, you're continuing to say that you're still willing to do the wrong thing and use your relatives to do it. Shame on you.