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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

President Barack Obama And His Executive Mandate: Is He Fulfilling The Tenets Of It? (Originally For Class)

So, is President Barack Obama fulfilling the tenets of his execute mandate—in this case, his mandate to be the United States head of state and head of government? The unabashed and clear answer is “No.” Even today, headlines such as “Second wave of health plan cancellations looms”[1] and “White House braces for doctor dump”[2] make clear that he cannot fulfill his self-proclaimed mandates regarding the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Along with that come headlines such as “How low can it go? ObamaCare poll numbers drop—again”[3].
The headlines unpartisanly make clear that the popular-vote and electoral-vote winner of the 2012 Presidential Election and the then-incumbent President of the United States. Per the CBS-taken poll that was cited in “How low”, “While Republicans are united in their opposition to the health care law, the latest numbers reflect new skepticism among Democrats and independents.” The poll further reflects, “Obama has been facing criticism from his own party for both the failures of as well as cancellation notices that have gone out to those on the individual market whose policies did not make the cut under ObamaCare's new standards. The president last week gave insurance companies a one-year extension, allowing them to re-offer those out-of-compliance plans.”
What, then, is President Obama’s mandate? Obviously, it is to be an effective head of state and government, and chief executive who can win and keep the hearts and minds of his constituents and fellow public servants. According to Ansolabehere et. al., “Government touches the life of the ordinary citizen most directly in his or her interactions with bureaucratic agents-at the Department of Motor Vehicles when obtaining a driver's license; in filing one's income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service; at the recruiting center when enlisting in one of the armed services; at the Board of Elections when registering to vote.”[4] Furthermore, “The
bureaucracy is the administrative heart and soul of government. It is where the rubber meets the road-where the policies formulated, refined, and passed into law by elected officials are interpreted, implemented, and ultimately delivered to a nation's citizens. ”[5]
            With ObamaCare, President Obama clearly has not “ultimately delivered [his policy] to [his] nation [read: state]'s citizens”. Despite that Obamacare was indeed “formulated, refined, and passed into law by elected officials[;] interpreted, [and] implemented [to take full effect in 2014]”, it was immediately and has further become controversial and scandalous legislation. Therefore, the ObamaCare scandal (“ObamaGate”? “CareGate”? “Health-Care Gate”?) alone shows that Obama is not fulfilling his mandate as the chief United States state and government executive.
            This to say nothing of IRSGate, which involved the IRS that is supposed to “[touch] the life of the ordinary citizen most directly in his or her interactions with bureaucratic agents-at the [IRS when he or she files his or her] income tax return with [them]”. Instead, with President Obama’s allowance and/or command, the IRS busied themselves witchhunting non-Far-Left individuals and being the inquisitors regarding potential and established non-Far-Left 501(c)3s and 501(c)4s, and other non-Far-Left organizations that must be established or maintained with IRS permission or approval.
            This also says nothing of what happens “at the Department of Motor Vehicles when [one is] obtaining a driver's license [or attempting to do so]”. For one who follows the news, he or she may know that President Obama and Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland are ideologically and partisanly aligned—since both are Far-Left Democrats. If President Obama is influenced by Governor O’Malley—who made sure that “Maryland became the 13th state to either issue or announce it will soon be issuing driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants”[6] —he may get ideas—and scary ideas. After all, he made RomneyCare’s core concept a national concept when he took it from a Massachusetts-state one—to give all citizens who were residing in the certain territory and could or did not have private insurance government-funded healthcare. He made take the ideas of Maryland, “Connecticut, Utah, California, North Carolina, Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, Rhode Island, Nevada, Washington State, Washington D.C., New Mexico and Vermont”[7], and make them a national idea—and without putting citizens and legal immigrants first.
            In conclusion, President Obama is failing miserably at fulfilling his mandate to be the United States head of state, head of government, and chief executive—even to the point at which he has gravely upset his constituents. “Now we are seeing the President's poll numbers plummet. His approval rating of 39% is evidence that Americans have turned sour on him. For a very long time, even when voters did not agree with his policies, his personal likeability remained strong. They viewed him apart from his policies; that is no longer the case. Now, Americans are not liking his policies and they are not liking him very much either.”[8]

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Remembering When, Part Ten

I have been quite busy and unable to write the memoir for some time—and now when I write, I am looking back on what I have previously written. Part of what I wanted to include in this next part is a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony for my Great-Granduncle Bernie, and that is part of what I was doing in the past couple of days—that is, submitting a form for him. Great-Granduncle Bernie's story heavily factors in his brother Anthony's and in-law-sister Mary's story—in fact, it's probably part of why Great-Granddad committed suicide.

As I wrote, Great-Grandma was not treated well. As I also wrote, the disabled were also not treated well—and Great-Granduncle Bernie certainly was not. In fact, I should have scanned in that stupid letter from the Department of Veterans' Affairs—hello, DVA—with all due respect, I am Great-Granduncle Bernie's "next of kin"!

As you have figured out by now, Great-Granduncle Bernie was a disabled and disrespected veteran—and two of his primary disrespecters gave Pop-Pop an idea for what to do to Great-Grandma. Ironically enough (or perhaps not so ironically), one of his disrespecters was a fellow Jewish war veteran—and none other than Staff Sergeant Joseph Paschal Czarnecki, Sr. (and I am not sorry, Charmaine and Courtney—I am not skating around that fact for your sakes. As I have stated, I will certainly talk about your dad and granddad since I talked about your uncle and granduncle Tony—and if you did not get the memo by now, let me remind you that I did not skate around any facts for your cousin Greg's maternal side, either.).

The other of the two aforementioned primary disrespecter was duty shirker John Felix Czarnecki (By the way, can you guess for whom Pop-Pop got his name—and even became like? In this case, a name does mean something in terms of character.). At least to his credit, however, Great-Granduncle John (who was born in 1913 and could have easily served during World War Two) shirked his duty to do so—at least he did not sign up and tarnish any service by what he did to his brother Bernie.

"'It's a shame what they did to Bernie.'" Granduncle Tony recalled hearing this at Great-Granduncle Bernie's funeral—and darned right that it's a shame. The self-loathing Jewish veteran and his self-loathing brother decided to take advantage of a Holocaust victim—namely, their fellow veteran Private First Class Bernard S. "Bernie" Czarnecki. How Great-Granddad could live with this is part of why I stated that he probably factored it into his suicide—after all, his youngster brother died on July 16, 1963; and he died on December 2, 1964 (almost a year and a quarter of a year after his brother succumbed to his Nazi-inflicted wounds).

Great-Granduncle Bernie signed up in Kingston, Pennsylvania on February 17, 1941 to serve in the 111th Infantry Division Medical Corps of the United States Army, having previously signed up on December 12, 1940. While Great-Granduncle Bernie was in combat, a Nazi bastard fired off some shrapnel that went into his head (whether the Nazi bastard directly or indirectly murdered Great-Granduncle Bernie, I do not know. All I know is the obvious—that it sure was not friendly fire, and that whoever murdered Great-Granduncle Bernie was a Nazi whether he was officially a Nazi, an Italian Nazi collaborator, or another European who collaborated with the Nazis.).

An operation to remove the shrapnel from Great-Granduncle Bernie's head failed—and that was the beginning of the end for Great-Granduncle Bernie.Great-Granduncle Bernie was confined to the Veterans' Home and Hospital and Lebanon, Pennsylvania for the rest of his life—from his discharge on December 12, 1945 to when he finally succumbed to his Nazi-inflicted wounds. He could never marry and have children, and was very childlike himself—he even would, for example, buy hot dogs for Granduncle Tony and his other nephews (and his nieces) if Great-Grandma said, "No." (It was basically, "If Mom says 'No.', ask Uncle Bernie."—and children will be children, and at least "Uncle Bernie" was not one of those gone-deranged mentally-disabled veterans.).

His widowed sister, Alexandria Alice Czarnecki Dombroski, took care of him by, for instance, setting up a Social Security account for him—and she would get the benefits from the Social Security account when he died. After all, she was a widowed mother and had already taken care of everyone else in her life—she was now stepping up to take care of Great-Granduncle Bernie (once again; as she had helped her mother do so when Julian Czarnecki died—when Bernie was only two years of age—, and as she had done when her mother died on April 6, 1936—when Bernie was only 16 years of age).

Great-Granduncles John and Joe cajoled Great-Granduncle Bernie into signing away the account from their sister Alice, and the benefits went to them when he died. Again, "'It's a shame what they did to Bernie.'" It's also a shame what they did to Alice.

Honestly, nobody should have been surprised that Great-Granddad Czarnecki would commit suicide after that—living with what "Johnkie" and "Suzy" did to "Bernie" would have alone driven someone to commit suicide, and that Great-Grandaunt Alice was not the one who committed suicide is amazing. After all, how could one live in a callous world in which Jews loathed themselves, took advantage of a Jewish war veteran and Holocaust victim, and left widows and left-alone mothers who had already taken care of so many people bereft?

That Whole Numbers Game (Hey; Today Is the Seventh Day, By the Way!)...

: My number is 7, so here's 7 facts about me:

  1. I am related to Kirk Douglas somehow (He was a Danilovich. I got asked once if I am related to Kirk Douglas. I said that I'm not. I was wrong, and he even looks like Pop-Pop—he has the "Czarnecki [really, Danilowicz] chin".). I don't know exactly how we're related. I'm not exactly proud of that, by the way—being related to the man who raped Natalie Wood does not do me or my family good, for example.
  2. I am part of at least three unique Ashkenazi families: The Foczkos, the Trudnyaks, and the Andrulewiczes (and I'm related to Teddy Andrulewicz and crossdresser Michael Androlewicz—no; I'm not kidding! By the way, when I Googled to double check, I found a Michael Androlewicz of whom to be proud). I say "unique" because our surnames are unique. We made them up and/or were required to take them around the times that we were required to have surnames.
  3. I've pissed off a lot of people—some for good reasons, some for bad reasons. I can't say that (even when I'm hurt) I'm not proud (or at least ultimately proud) of pissing off people for good reasons.
  4. I do have Sephardic heritage (Dad has Iberian Peninsula atDNA. How else can he explain that? Also, there was a lot of Sephardi minhag practiced in my Ashkenazi family.).
  5. I am of kohenet and Levi descent—I still don't know about the Lazars. I do know that "Duday" or "Dudaj" means "horn"; so I don't question that Rosalia Dudayova Nagyova was a kohenet.
  6. I am not keen on assimilation. I was Googling an "Israel Androlewicz" after I saw his name in a Google search, and this is one of the results with which I came up: "A Winnebago with a little car in tow." Nice, Hank (Not!). Forgive my language, and the self-hating smart*** is reading a "progressive" website (Look for your name on Masada2000's SHIT List, Hank.). This is one example of why—even if I have to wait to do so for the rest of my life or until Yeshua returns—I am marrying a fellow Messianic Jew and making aliyah as soon as possible.
  7. I am still struggling with TrP pain in my lower back—it flares up from time to time.
By the way, you don't have play the numbers game if you don't want to do so; but ask me if you want a number (and mine if you're a Messianic Jew—especially a Levi or a kohen—but not if you're one of those meshuga "Hebrew roots", "Torah keepers", "Sacred Name", or "KJV only" types). 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Status Update For November 11, 2013 at 2:51:24 AM

I still found no baptism record for Ilona Lazarova Hanzokova; but I did find some for (I think) some cousins of hers. It looks like she became an Anusit later on—and after some family had already become Anusim (just like with the Foczkos—we didn't join Anusi relatives until 50 years or more after they had become Anusim. The Foczkos had gone to Gelnica and Kosjov first. Then we came into Zlata Idka. As far as the Lazars, we were either already in Zlata Idka or came there from another city in Moldava nad Bodvou—since Ilona doesn't have a baptism record, I can't tell you. Apparently, all of them but for Ilona and her family became Anusim in the 1760s-1810s. There were some open Jews in Zlata Idka, and there are even Jewish graves there; but I can't tell you whether they're Lazar graves or not.).

As much as anyone wants to try to dispute (and as much as the Devil wants to whisper doubts) that we're bnei-Anusim, we're bnei-Anusim (and some of us are still Anusim, clearly. Feel free to do the searches yourself, by the way, in case you're doubting me:

1) Lazars in Moldava nad Bodvou

2) Foczkos in Continental Europe

3) Fockos in Continental Europe

You can uncheck "Match exactly" in case you want to look for mispelled, misindexed, etc. records, too.

As usual, keep praying for me and...

.ל'לילה ושבוע טוב ומבורך תכתבו

Also, please vote and share in the poll for my Poli 301 project if you can—I need 25 votes to begin examining and analyzing data, and 3,000 votes for an acceptable research sample. By the way, 25*120 = 3,000; so if the minimum number of voters vote and share the poll (whether directly sharing or indirectly sharing) the poll with 120 people (e.g., "indirectly sharing" being that a friend of a mutual friend shared the poll with his friends; "directly sharing" being that you posted the poll to your Facebook wall, RTed it, or shared it on Sodahead), I could get 3,000 votes. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are You Mentally or Neurologically Abnormal Like I Am?

<a href="" title="Do you struggle with psychological, psychiatric, and/or other mental and/or neurological disorders?">Do you struggle with psychological, psychiatric, and/or other mental and/or neurological disorders?</a>

The conversation needs to continue to be had, and I hope to contribute to it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

PS: Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) 4:16 and The World

I saw a quote that said, "No matter how famous, or rich you become, the weather will determine the attendance at your funeral." I don't buy it. People have braved the worst kinds of weather to attend a millionarie's or celebrity's funeral, and I'm even questioning that "There was no end of all the people over whom he was made king;
Yet those who come afterward will not rejoice in him." (Kohelet 4:16a-b)

Unless Sholmo was writing about normal times and not the End of Days, we certainly remember kings and other celebrities—and we even pass down the knowledge of them to our children and grandchildren, and their grandchildren and their grandchildren. For example, who doesn't know about King Hammurabi?—and he died in 1750 BCE! Who doesn't remember or know about Elvis—the "King of Rock and Roll"? "Yet those who come afterward will not rejoice in him." Really?

Again, unless Shlomo wasn't being told about the time that is "such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be." (Mattityahu 24:21. cf. Markus 13:19, 1 Timote 4:1-2, and Romim 1:22-24), I question Kohelet 4:16a-b. Even a certain celebrity (and I guarantee that he'll be remembered) got 924 "likes" and 112 comments as well as 11 shares for one picture within five hours today. He also got 9 "favorites", 27 retweets, and 17 comments within the same amount of time. Unless the time where we say "Will a man make gods for himself, Which are not gods?" (Yirimiyahu 16:20) comes soon, the veracity of Kohelet 4:16a-b is a question for me.

<a href="" title="If you don't want to be famous, why do you care about famous people so much?">If you don't want to be famous, why do you care about famous people so much?</a>

PS: Stephanie Metz Doesn't Understand Abuse, And...

I like everything that she said but for the following:

"There was a time – not too long ago – when bullying was defined as slamming someone up against a locker and stealing their lunch money. There was a time when kids got called names and got picked on, and they brushed it off and worked through it (ask me how I know this). Now, if Sally calls Susie a bitch (please excuse my language if that offends you), Susie’s whole world crumbles around her, she contemplates suicide, and this society encourages her to feel like her world truly has ended, and she should feel entitled to a world-wide pity party. And Sally – phew! She should be jailed! She should be thrown in juvenile detention for acting like – gasp – a teenage girl acts."

Mrs. Metz, with all due respect, you don't understand real verbal abuse. You don't just "[brush] it off and [work] through it." Susie may be abused at home, and Sally's abuse may be the proverbial straw on the camel's back. Verbal (and emotional, physical, mental/psychological, spiritual and—the only one which I never had to experience as far as I know, thank God—sexual) abuse is no joke, and not something to "[brush] off...and [work] through."

I hope that you don't verbally abuse your own kids, because you and they are in for a hard reality check—and you may be in for a hard reality check at their hands:

  1. Verbal abuse leaves intangible, internal scars.
  2. Verbal abuse is a form of emotional and mental abuse.
  3. Verbal abuse can lead to physical abuse.
  4. Verbal abuse can lead the Susies of this world committing suicide—in your words, "ask me how I know this"—and God forbid that you should ever have to ask your kids or find out (My own mom has had to find out, for example, and that's because she's dealing with quite a bit of the fallout of Dad's verbal and other abuse.).
  5. Verbal abuse may affect the setting off of psychological and psychiatric conditions (again, in your words, "ask me how I know this").
I am more than willing to challenge your naive (or what I hope is a naive) view on abuse, and God forbid that you have ever abused or are abusing your kids—and if you are abusing your kids, I hope that someone gets involved really quickly in rescuing your kids from you. By the way, you say that you're 29 years of age. I'm 23, and I can tell you that people like you leave me hopeless about our generation. If you really think that parents who know the realities of abuse are included among those who have "taught that [their kids] shouldn't have to ever put up with anything doesn't make their hearts feel like rainbow colored unicorns are running around pooping skittles onto piles of marshmallows", you are out of your mind—either you need serious help or your kids need serious help. Either way, you need help—whether psychiatric help due to delusions or psychological help due to sociopathy.

I Need An Honest Answer Here...

<a href="" title="Be honest: Was I right in turning down someone in the following way (Please read carefully!)?">Be honest: Was I right in turning down someone in the following way (Please read carefully!)?</a>

I know [that he cares for me], and I'm not sure if we even 
share many interests, for example.

I'm not saying that to be mean. Even with the last two guys 
I dated (and both were bad apples), I almost had few to no things in common 
with them. Compatibility is important in my considering of a good guy. And I'm 
a divorce statistic waiting to happen if I get with the wrong guy—and I did 
that twice. I didn't marry the guys, granted, but I thought that I would.

And just imagine if I had married either one of them!...They 
were [bad, indeed].

I had to call the police on both… Both for harassment. And, as 
I figured out later, one had raped his previous girlfriend[s] (He had claimed that 
he had raped her.). The first almost hit me after we broke up…I was lucky that I was never 
physically hurt by the other one…I know [that this guy would never abuse me], and 
I'm not willing to get into another relationship unless it's with whom I know 
and am sure is the one…So, it isn't you. It's me; and I don't mean that as a 
cliche….I mean...consider this: my dad and both of his born siblings have all 
divorced and/or remarried. Same with my mom and all but two of her born 
siblings (two were not born), and my Green-Carroll great-great-grandma divorced. 
So did two Trudniak great-granduncles [Frank and Edward, and with Edward being 
divorced three times]. And I've been in two bad relationships.

And I've had to turn you and three other guys down in the 
past couple of years (including [a mutual friend]). So, I am having to be 
careful. In fact, by turning you down, I am (as I did with the other three) saving 
you heartbreak and/or a whole lot of other issues. My dad's family will be 
enough of an issue, by the way. Also add in that I have CP and a baclofen pump, 
Depression, OCD/Anxiety, ADD, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome…. And trust me when 
I say that you will thank me for turning you down. That girl [who he likes] is 
way more in your league than I am. And I mean that in a good way.

[See my blog and my family tree if you want an idea of my dad's family being a issue in of themselves, by the way. You will find them at my page.]

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Writing the Memoir For the Past Few Days

I have been going through a lot (as some have read in the past, and as I see that a Ms. Sandubrae tries to use against me—you are not funny; you are not cool, and you are proving to be the "snotty" person that L. Kay and one of your high-school classmates stated that you are, Mrs. Sandubrae. I continue to record visits of my blog from you and/or your followers who are trying to intimidate me. You are also only adding to the through the Hell which I'm going), and that includes being on the verge of suicide, having a cold (My immune system finally wore down—and partly due to what trouble you have caused me, Mrs. Sandubrae; and remember that my threat of prosecution is not idle. Where in the law can one read that public figures may harass and intimidate other public figures as you and your followers have done to me? Get a life and wise up, Mrs. Sandubrae, or you may well be prosecuted.).

Meanwhile, I'm figuring that I'm going to need some life-changing event (as if—and since—having an ITB Pump and being on the verge of suicide several times, for example, apparently—and evidently—doesn't count) in order for those who haven't been supporting me and praying for me to even notice what's going on my life. The event includes the choices of, but is not limited to, getting into my final relationship (I'm not getting into another relationship unless the relationship is with whom I know and am sure is the one.), having a baby (which is not going to happen until after I'm married, if I ever am able to marry), having a grandchild (like lucky Geraldo Rivera did—497 likes and 56 comments in about an hour, and six retweets with 21 favorites and 12 comments in about an hour [at last count]—and which will not happen for me anytime soon unless I adopt a kid who is expecting and/or has kids of his or her own shortly after he or she is adopted), and becoming famous (That's how I'll really get people to notice and give a **** about anything that I say, do, or go through at all.). 

By the way, as much as I forgive people, I certainly think that when bad comes to them for what they've done to me and/or others serves them rightly. For example, Liz's prophecy came true, and I was humbled (and served rightly) when it came true—and while Pop-Pop is not dead, he is certainly not alive—he's one of the deadest living men of whom I have ever heard, and he is served rightly for what he's done to his mother (z"l), his daughter, and others.

Liz told Aunt Mary (Pop-Pop's only daughter) that Pop-Pop wouldn't be alive within five years of January-February 2007—and he has pneumonia and other issues for which he is hospitalized. Indeed, "Let God be true and every man a liar"—and it frankly serves Jack Czarnecki rightly. How dare he commit second-degree murder with murder-malice intent and Social Security fraud! And how dare he affect his daughter—his only daughter!—to be driven to a suicide attempt!