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Friday, August 31, 2007

Re: I Want Your Comments

"I've only had two comments on here worth reading and responding to. Also, my "Exactly What the Liberals Want" entry seems to have been ignored, giving the liberals exactly what they want. While you're staying informed, inform others, inform me. Do you have something to say? Is there something you want me to post or that you think people should read or pay attention to? Send me or post your comments, and check out"

Why am I getting no comments?

I am still not getting many, if any, comments on this blog. At least I haven't had anyone comment on any entry for a while. Comment on my blog; don't just read it. After all, in the words of Gary Larson, "Stimulus response! Stimulus response! Don't you ever think?" Don't be an ignorant or apathetic pinhead; have a voice to speak out and respond to others.

Vote In My Poll

Maybe it's AOL that doesn't let you vote (i.e., "Cannot process request"). But if you tried to vote before and couldn't, the poll can now process your vote at least on Internet Explorer.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Marc Rudov v. Tracy Byrnes

Mr. Cavuto,
Marc Rudov is so sadly the near-clone of the man I didn't wish a "Happy Birthday" yesterday, the man who I am estranged from, the man who has made me completely trust few- if any- men. That man is my dad, the dad who makes me relate well to Marc Rudov's kids, and the man whose brother and nephew that I'm not wishing "Happy Birthday"s either. In fact, I haven't talked to anyone, let alone any man, on my dad's side of the family in a long time.

Nicole C.
via AOL

I almost even wrote something like, "I bet my dad's not even watching this; but if he is, shame on..." and almost finished with, "you, Dad"; "men like Marc Rudov and my dad", or my dad's full name.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Generation

Let me put this politely: If I were in school right now (and I'll be in school in two weeks), and my peers found out about this, I'd be much more unpopular.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Bill O'Reilly Needs Fridays Off

Someone asked why Bill O'Reilly needed Fridays off. The question was finally answered by a debate that ended with this posting:

Well, maybe; but sometimes people stay home when they fast, especially with Bill O'Reilly's energy-draining schedule. My granddad, on the other hand, fasted but didn't stay home on Fridays; and had nine surviving kids to provide for. I'm sure that providing for nine born kids, as well as losing two, was only part of the stress that should've given him reason to stay home on Fridays.

My granddad had been pro-life, but for some reason didn't take care of his own. At least the "Culture Warrior" knows when to rest, unlike my granddad, who would've been eighty-six this year. But at least two girls in Heaven get to see their dad. Meanwhile, Bill O'Reilly is resting to, like you said, spend time with a family who'll get to see him for at least until he's how old my granddad would've been.

Bill O'Reilly does get to spend time with Maddie and Spencer. Yet, my mom and her eight surviving siblings- along with the loss of two siblings who would've been fifty- will have to see their dad again. But, maybe- as a further consolation- they get to see their dad with two girls that they've wanted to see as well.