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Monday, May 21, 2007

Islam Is "Peaceful"?

My teacher told me that my comments about Islam and Muslims went too far either directly or indirectly. Once I found an article about a Florida Muslim doctor, I wrote this e-mail tho him:

"I'm almost tempted to say that you owe me an apology, because- like I said- there is a fine line between race and religion; and I'd inter any Muslim now. Keep them all in one place and watch them, because even "moderate" (secular) Muslims could grow terror cells- right even in the camps. So, I think I know what I was talking about when I kept talking about Muslims and Islam versus Japanese Americans and Pearl Harbor.

I might be "close-minded" (re: [a fellow student's] comment), but I'm not stupid. I know Islam/nominal Christianity is different from race or true Christianity."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rudy W. Guiliani?

If we have another "W." in the White House, it won't be Guiliani, will it? Here's my take on whether I'd vote for or nominate Guiliani; as asked on IMDB.

"If you vote for Hilary Clinton or any Democrat, you are putting this country in serious and unquestionable danger. Hilary and Bill Clinton; Barack and Michelle Obama; John and Elizabeth Edwards; and the other Democrat couples are what they say they are- power couples. The Clintons especially will stop at nothing to get power; even if it means crashing the Stock Market, having affairs in the White House and making America a fornicator's and adulterer's bed; and ripping up the United States Constitution.

If John McCain or some other sensible Republican doesn't win, don't complain to me when the United States of America becomes the American Communist League of Uncouthness."

"It looks like Hilary Clinton has a lead over Guiliani. If they'd nominate John McCain, Fred Thompson, or a non-Mormon Romney, maybe the Republicans could keep the White House and not let Congress put too many pork barrels in what they want to make a storehouse."